Children come to Hope from the streets and slums of Brazil where they were abused, abandoned, and exploited in the worst circumstances imaginable.  Before they arrive via court order or social worker recommendation, most have a life expectancy of three to five years.  It is here, in serving the most vulnerable of the most vulnerable, that Hope transforms lives.


Completion of the City of Youth Center for Excellence

A facility where over 300 of God's children are loved, cared for, and served by a professional staff.  We will expand the vocational training available to prepare folks to contribute to the common good.  The Center will also host other Orphanage Directors, Social Workers, and Health Care professionals from all over the globe.

We will need to complete deferred maintenance, landscape the entire property and remodel the residential units, auditorium, and retreat space as well as expand the vocational training facility.


Development of Hope Mountain Community Development Center

This site currently serves over 400 young men and women who have been rescued from the impact of gangs through vocational training. 

This funding will allow Hope Unlimited to create the only in-patient adolescent drug rehab facility in Brazil, as well as Brazil’s top public vocational training program for auto repair, auto body, and auto painting, plus offer multiple other vocational training experiences, expand residential programming and community development programs, and change the lives of thousands of Brazilians.

When children are welcomed to Hope,
each child becomes an irreplaceable member of our family
— Philip Smith, Founder/CEO Hope Unlimited