Badjao Bridge is expanding to the Mindanao Region, where the majority are devout Muslims and extremism is a constant threat to the peace-loving Badjao communities.

The poverty in this area is significantly greater than other parts of the country. Children die almost monthly from preventable causes like meningitis, typhoid fever or severe diarrhea.

We are currently planting a church there to lay the ground work for a major expansion of our holistic ministry.


Lighthouse Learning Center and Health Clinic

The Lighthouse will be a preschool and health clinic to serve a community of more than 300 families. The building also serves as a space for the local church, emergency storm shelter, and place with access to safe drinking water.


Property for sea-dwellers

Living on the sea is increasing perilous with strong typhoons now routinely damaging or destroying their sea villages. With the decline in fishing income, the Badjao desire to live on land near public schools. We will purchase land for up to 300 families.


Livelihood skills training for 300 young men and women

Subsidized government programs are available to train carpenters, auto mechanics, barbers, cooks, and hotel staff. Our target is to provide one scholarship per family, thus empowering the whole community to improve their own living conditions.

I’m so grateful for Badjao Bridge to believe in me to finish my college degree in accounting. I hope to be the first CPA from my tribe.
— Carmel (Student), Badjao Bridge