Join us for a GIANT rummage sale on March 2-3 and find some treasure to take home! We've been collecting items for months and have everything you could think of - art, furniture, clothes from infant to plus, shoes, kitchen supplies, sewing supplies, tools, books, holiday decor, and more!

Swing by and buy something for a good cause. We'll also be BBQing on site, so bring your appetite!

All proceeds go towards the Give2023 campaign (give2023.org). Help us build hope for children in the Philippines & Brazil!! Cash & Credit accepted.


We are so excited to share the GIVE2023 campaign with you!

The GIVE2023 campaign began with the leadership of a faith community in Hayward whose hearts felt challenged to truly live out the following bible verse and put their faith into action -

Acts 2:45 – “They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.”

They dreamt about raising $1,000,000 by the year 2023, not for their own needs, but for brothers and sisters overseas who are in much more desperate financial need. They dreamt about the larger faith community living out this bible verse by selling property and possession. They dreamt about demonstrating radical generosity to the world and moving from bible study to bible action!

It is with great humility and great expectation that we are asking you to join this campaign with us.

The GIVE2023 Campaign started in Hayward but is spreading all over the country and globe.  It is a movement of radical generosity and we hope that you can partner with us.

Please take a quick look at what we are raising $1,000,000 for on the following pages and fill out the envelope in the GIVE2023 Campaign folder.

Much Love, 

The GIVE2023 TaskForce